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Learning from years of experience in the healthcare industry and our compassion to solve great challenges in healthcare marketing & branding, we have developed a proprietary 6 step framework to deliver significant results for our clients.
The framework encapsulates our phased and modular approach with a clearly articulated methodology for each of the modules (including indicative deliverables).
Trizone Healthcare Consultants’ Unique Approach Makes Them Stand Out
Everyone knows Prescription or treatment plan without understanding & listing patient`s complaint is what likewise without Listening & understanding healthcare business owners pain point, vision, mission & value system delivering expected results are merely possible. Hence throughout years of experience in solving greatest challenges in healthcare businesses we have developed this 1st step of approach. “Listen & Understand” is the first and most important part of our approach where we Listen our clients’ requirements thoroughly and understand their business goals and results they are expecting.
Here we get to know you, your business, your competition and your past marketing efforts. Our team of expert consultants analyze the data through secondary research.
Research plays a pivotal role in developing strategy for your business, brand building, positioning and retaining it. Examination of the data is critical to decode your SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). It begins after a deep understanding and research of the market scenario, brand history, assets, competition and above all what consumers / patients need & want?
At Trizone Healthcare, we put utmost emphasis on research & analysis which helps us to conceptualize the brand communication and marketing strategies.
This phase includes marketing plan, concept development, creative development, digital strategies, media planning and staff training focusing the objectives of our clients foremost in our minds.
We aggregate the insights collected from our research to understand the constraints in capitalizing on discovered opportunities. We then brainstorm rigorously with our client, combining our insights with the client’s expertise. The process then moves from concrete research conclusions to meticulously blueprinting the shortlisted interventions. We develop innovative solutions here in this phase. An overarching element of our process is our commitment to sustainable differentiation.
A brilliant concept or campaign is of no value for the customer unless executed with accuracy. In this phase we assist our clients in the implementation of developed strategies. We will assist any and all aspects of your marketing campaign, including digital marketing, advertising, doctor referral building, media buying, SEO, patient experience, hospital staff training and more.
Be it a logo, a slogan, or a brand promise, it’s the brand experience that defines the success of a brand. When an experience fails to satisfy the customer, the brand will fail. We, at Trizone Healthcare, not only conceptualise creative solutions but also map out the most effective means of execution. From ideas to implementation, we create and maintain that unique experience to create that valued preference which does not let you fail.
We strongly believe in the value of assisting our clients in the implementation of our developed strategies and recommendations.
Now, it’s the RESULT time. Most exciting and encouraging phase of our services where we closely monitor and review results of implemented strategies on a regular interval. To monitor and review results we have developed our own mechanism where we ask assistance from the client end also as they are the one who delivers the services and interacts with consumers first. We maintain monthly, quarterly and annual reports on results for better understanding and development of future strategies.
We strongly believe in continuous improvement, at this stage we revisit all the above 5 phases and most importantly “Review Result” for discovering & developing the next strategy and innovation.
Raising expectations and maintaining brand perceptions is not a one-time effort but a continuous process. As times change, needs evolve, and preferences vary. Every brand needs to refresh its communications to remain pertinent as markets evolve because the only thing constant in life is change! Smart marketers ensure their healthcare businesses keep pace with these changes to remain relevant. We, at Trizone Healthcare, help and sustain strategies throughout the year by replacing old ideas with new and innovative ideas.

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