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Importance of Healthcare Marketing In current scenario patients have more options of healthcare providers / hospital than ever before. With so much awareness & information available on finger tips and availability & accessibility of healthcare coverage from various Government & Insurance policies, decision making process over healthcare provider`s selection has been changed a lot. Patient used to review, research and consider many factors before taking final decision over selection of Hospital / Healthcare provider. That`s why it is so important for healthcare providers to plan their marketing strategy at advance level where they can retain existing patients and grab new patient footfall to achieve their Brand & financial goals. Healthcare Marketing is a continuous process, even if you are very much happy with your current patient footfall volume & revenue, you need to make continuous efforts to keep your healthcare facility & brand at the forefront of people`s minds. There are many reasons patient / someone might decide to choose other healthcare provider / hospital few of them are
  • scheme coverage
  • Insurance / TPA tie ups
  • Relocation
  • Dissatisfaction with behavior of hospital / care staff
  • Dissatisfaction with doctor`s time / waiting time
  • Dissatisfaction with just one negative experience
  • Negative experience shared by patient`s relative or friends
  • Negative reviews on online platforms
  • Many more
We always say seeing is believing but here applies listening is believing. Here are the few quick suggestions for continuous marketing & planning unique marketing strategy for your Brand:
  1. Keep investing in Branding
  2. Do Marketing Audit
  3. Develop unique patient tracking mechanism (leverage Healthcare IT)
  4. Invest in in-house Call Centre (handling enquiries effectively)
  5. Keep engaging with your existing patients (Post treatment)
  6. Cross Selling Approach
  7. Keep your website updated
  8. Ask for reviews on online platform from patients
  9. Keep evaluating online patient experience
  10. Constant work on SEO
  11. Leverage social media platforms in right way (generate unique content)
  12. Reinvent your marketing efforts
  13. Analyze your marketing efforts in right way
  14. Do not ignore online & offline enquiries
  15. Create unique communication channel with your referral sources
  16. Contribute & share your knowledge with colleagues in medical field
  17. Internal marketing strategy
  18. Training & Development on marketing of internal staff
  19. Do not ignore traditional media options
  20. Include online advertisement & social media advertisement in your yearly media budget

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