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Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Marketing Reinvented: The Power of Data-Driven Strategies

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Hospital branding
Healthcare Marketing

Is your hospital/clinic just a business or a Brand? Why should you bother?

How to Brand Your Healthcare Business? Healthcare branding and marketing are essential parts for any healthcare organization aiming to enhance patient acquisition and develop its business in an increasingly saturated industry. As consumers, patients are becoming more and more aware and empowered. In addition, digital healthcare brands are als...

Healthcare Marketing

Challenges Ahead in 2022

Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2022 Healthcare, especially Hospital Branding & marketing trends are constantly changing and in the last 2 years it has been changed drastically. In 2022 there are strategies one can start implementing to stay ahead of the competitors keeping in mind current Covid & Omicron impact in mind. According to ...

Hospital Marketing

Marketing Audit

Healthcare in general and hospital branding & marketing in particular has as greatest of challenges these days in India.How do you move forward in spite of the competitive environment? How do you minimize your advertisement budget, looking at high operational cost and low price line? How do you shift from “High cost marketing” to “efficien...