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Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do it. This wisdom from Leonardo Da Vinci perfectly encapsulates the current dilemma in the healthcare sector. The potential for outstanding results is there, and the intention exists, but the process of application is often where the crux of the issue lies.

Problem Identification:

Many hospital owners, healthcare entrepreneurs, individual practitioners, and clinic proprietors are left unsatisfied with their existing marketing efforts. You might have a dedicated marketing team in place or even engage a digital marketing agency to amplify your reach. Yet, the desired outcomes seem elusive. Why is that?

One reason is that many marketing strategies aren’t data-driven. They revolve around the preferences of the doctor or the hospital, rather than being grounded in market realities, a detailed SWOT analysis, and segmentation of the target audience. The complex dynamics of the market can be overlooked if the strategies are not well-rounded and pragmatic.

Another common challenge arises from a lack of time for healthcare professionals to brainstorm and plan their digital marketing strategy. This can lead to ill-defined target demographics, limited knowledge of competitors, and ultimately, ineffective marketing efforts.

Cost becomes a barrier for individual clinic owners or nursing home operators who often struggle with budget constraints for both online and offline promotions. On the other end of the spectrum, big hospitals and corporate institutions may have dedicated employees to manage social media platforms, but often lack advanced planning for a variety of activities.

The majority of healthcare providers do not emphasize internal marketing and lack mechanisms to measure Return on Investment (ROI). Monthly Management Information System (MIS) reports and data-driven marketing strategies are often missed components. Today, there are numerous channels available for reaching a target audience through customised communication, but many healthcare providers do not fully utilize these tools.

This is where a healthcare marketing consultant, like Akhil Dave, can bring in a systematic approach to address these issues. Hiring a consultant doesn’t mean discontinuing services with your existing digital marketing agency. Instead, a consultant provides a complementary data-driven strategy, assisting your existing team to maximize effectiveness.

In addition to providing detailed market analysis, a consultant can identify and remove unnecessary expenses incurred during marketing campaigns. This can lead to significant cost reductions over time, making this solution quite economical. In fact, it may redefine your view of what effective marketing really is.

Akhil Dave, with his team at Trizone Healthcare Consultants, excels in harnessing data-driven strategies to overcome these challenges. They specialize in hospital marketing, branding, digital marketing for clinics and hospitals, and doctor marketing. They implement thorough SWOT analyses and devise comprehensive healthcare marketing strategies to boost your brand’s reach and patient footfall, ultimately increasing your revenue.

“Knowing is Knowing; Doing is Doing.” This quote encapsulates the driving force behind Trizone Healthcare Consultants, a leading consultancy focused on revolutionizing the healthcare industry through effective, data-driven marketing strategies. Under the expert leadership of Akhil Dave, the team at Trizone believes that possessing knowledge is fruitless without its application – a principle that’s brought their success in the industry.

Akhil Dave: The Torchbearer of Change:

Akhil Dave, the founder and principal consultant at Trizone Healthcare Consultants LLP, is a passionate marketing professional and dynamic business leader. An alumnus of IIM Lucknow, he brings over 20+ years of experience in Branding, Marketing & Strategy, especially within the Healthcare Industry.

Akhil has a history of developing and executing marketing strategies and business processes that have revolutionized numerous healthcare businesses, fuelling their exponential growth. His strong belief in the adage, “Knowing is Knowing & Doing is Doing,” is a testament to his approach – ‘Knowledge without application is the same as having no knowledge at all’. His pursuit is to be an expert on the principles and techniques of practical Healthcare Marketing & Business Strategy building.

About Trizone Healthcare Consultants:

At Trizone, the vision is clear – to be the leading healthcare marketing consultancy firm, transforming healthcare businesses through innovative and effective 360-degree marketing solutions. These solutions not only increase brand visibility but drive growth and engagement, turning patients into brand ambassadors for their clients.

Their mission to establish ethical and right marketing practices in the healthcare industry is deeply rooted in their services. From strategy consulting, branding, advertising, content writing, website development, and digital marketing, to social media marketing, Training & Development for Marketing teams – Trizone provides comprehensive solutions for all marketing needs.

Trizone’s USPs lie in their data-driven approach, their deep-rooted expertise in healthcare marketing, and the personalized solutions they offer, acknowledging that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for healthcare marketing.

The Trizone Approach:

Trizone’s unique approach to healthcare marketing, which combines strategy, creativity, and in-depth industry knowledge, sets them apart. This approach ensures that they:

  • Listen and Understand: Trizone takes the time to understand clients’ specific circumstances and requirements.
  • Analyze & Research: The team conducts comprehensive analyses and research on market trends, competition, and audience behaviour.
  • Design & Develop: Trizone creates bespoke marketing strategies and communication plans tailored to each client’s unique needs.
  • Aim & Shoot: They execute strategies with precision and efficiency, ensuring that clients’ objectives are met and exceeded.
  • Review Results: The performance of their campaigns is continually monitored and evaluated for optimization.
  • Discover & Reinvent: They adapt to change and innovation, ensuring their clients continue to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

They assist healthcare organizations with bespoke strategies to enhance their reputation, and increase patient footfall, and revenue. Hiring Trizone doesn’t mean discontinuing services with your existing digital marketing agency. Instead, a consultant like Akhil Dave can provide a complementary data-driven strategy, assisting your existing team to maximize effectiveness.

Their ultimate goal is to make your healthcare business more efficient, effective, and profitable. If you are looking for a smarter way to use your marketing budget, consider availing a one-hour free marketing consultation from the founder and principal consultant, Akhil Dave. This might just be the starting point of a transformative journey for your business.


The fast-evolving digital landscape calls for a shift in how we approach healthcare marketing. The challenges are plenty, but with the right approach and professional guidance, the potential for success is immense. It’s time to move from knowing to doing, from willingness to action. Establishing a strong and successful brand in the healthcare sector is indeed a formidable task, but not an impossible one. With expertise and strategic planning, your healthcare business can reach new heights.

To take the first step towards this transformative journey, consider availing a one-hour free marketing consultation with Akhil Dave. The potential for success is immense; it’s time to move from knowing to doing.

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