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Small and mid level hospital owners have a passion to create their own authority in the healthcare industry that provides quality care to patients. They become their own Marketing Head, work hard to make their hospital a success and strive to create a lasting legacy for future generations. While these dreams are rosy, along the way emerge many challenges. One of these challenges inevitably is the business’ marketing strategy.

Creating a compelling strategy and implementing it the right and ethical way with the help of the latest marketing tools often poses a challenge to small businesses. Hospital owners and doctors may lack the expertise, struggle hard to convert marketing strategies to increased patient footfalls or have difficulties in using social media platforms in a correct manner. Instead of stumbling in the dark and wasting their precious time in an area where they are not an expert. It’s highly beneficial to engage with a marketing consultant that can help you steer your ship in the right direction.

As a marketing consultant for many years, I’ve seen countless small and mid level hospital struggles. The struggle may be in creating an effective small hospital marketing strategy, implementing it, meeting marketing objectives or lacking the skill in taking their hospital to the next level.

Whatever the reason may be, a marketing consultant can infuse some much-needed life into a hospital. Here’s why you should consider hiring a marketing consultant for your hospital:

You are an expert Doctor not an expert social media strategist

Everyone seems to be jumping to the social media advertising bandwagon. Instagram & Facebook advertising is considered paramount in any marketing strategy. But in the many years that I’ve worked as a marketing consultant, I’ve realized that social media advertising alone may not be ideal for small hospitals. In fact, there are many online marketing myths out there. It’s better to let an expert guide you through on how to best use social media platforms to your business’ advantage.

Know the latest trends in the industry

As a hospital owner, I urge you to ask yourself this: Do you really know all the latest marketing trends in the hospital industry? Can you recall the top 5? What are the current social media trends that actually work for your hospital? If you don’t have an answer for any of these, you definitely need a marketing consultant to assist you with the right marketing strategy for your hospital.

Your expertise isn’t marketing

If a software engineer creates a start-up specializing in developing applications for clients, do you think he or she will be skilled in marketing? To grow in the market businesses need adept marketers to steer them in the right direction. I would like to think of it as a doctor who knows how to diagnose and treat the disease, apart from being your assistant or nurse in spite of having lots of experience along with you in line of treatment does not have expertise in treating the disease. Legally they are not allowed to do so. Similarly, A marketing consultant is skilled in ensuring you get the right price, the right patient and the right exposure so that you get the most out of your amazing service offerings.

You need a little push

Doing everything you can as a hospital owner and not getting results? In spite of marketing personnel in your team, not getting desired results? Maybe it’s time for an outside perspective. Sometimes, hospital owners get so involved in their dream, they forget that an outsider can show them a bigger, bolder and better dream. They forget to think outside the box because they are so used to being inside the box. Maybe you need a different marketing strategy because this one doesn’t work or maybe social media isn’t the way to go for your business.

You need an extra set of hands

Your hospital is growing, hence your hospital marketing strategy needs to step up a notch. The problem is you need expert manpower to do the things you can’t do. I’ve often come across hospital owners who spend too much time marketing and compromising supervising daily hospital operations. If you’re a super stretched marketer, who doesn’t have a marketing team or just needs an extra set of hands, consider outsourcing it.

You need to train your people

Already have an in-bound marketing executives? Great. Maybe you even have employees who have some idea about marketing. But do you feel they need training or a little assistance in managing simple marketing activities? Do they really know how to use social media? Perhaps not. I’ve noticed in my numerous years of practice that even with the right marketing strategy, some employees can’t seem to deliver results. This is especially true for social media and translating marketing strategy for Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter effectively. A hospital marketing consultant does just that – trains and empowers employees to use various marketing tools efficiently. Even translating a strategy for social media.

Your marketing strategy isn’t working

What’s worse than having a hospital marketing strategy that isn’t being implemented correctly is having a strategy that backfires. This is where a marketing consultant comes in. They tap on your door, check your vitals like a good doctor and prescribe the right treatment so that your business is right on track. I’ve helped many hospital and small clinic owners realize their dreams through achievable marketing strategies. Dreams certainly need a lot of work, dedication and perseverance to come true, but sometimes they also need someone to help them look at the greener side when it seems like the grass is wilting. Finding a trustworthy marketing consultant can be the key to creating a long-lasting heritage.

“Knowing is Knowing, Doing is Doing” ™ is something we strongly believe in, which means ‘Knowledge without application is the same as having no knowledge at all’.

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